The Story So Far


The realm of Tyvan… a wedge of land bounded by mountains to both the north and south, and by the sea to the west. For countless generations, it has been divided politically between four great Houses. In the northeast, strange lights and shadows flit through the dark forests and foggy swamps of House Dilvaan, unheeded by the local hunters and fishers. In the rocky mountains to the southeast, merchants ply their trade in the cut-throat markets of the commerce-driven House Tisone. Along the bleak coasts of House Vorsayl to the southwest, the mansions of a few very old, wealthy families loom over sleepy fishing villages, in stark contrast to the bustling streets and canals of the vast capital city of Carmel. In the highland steppes of the northwest, the hardy people of House Renolte steadfastly watch over their herds and flocks. And along the fringes of the House lands and the greenways in between, the people of the independent Wayward communities do what they can to eke out a living while contending with the various beasts of the untamed wilds.

For thousands of years, since the time of the fabled Shattering, this land has been enclosed by an impenetrable Mist. What might lay beyond – if anything – was a matter left to philosophers and fools. At least, that was the case until the day that the Mists in the valley to the far east of Tyvan began to inexplicably recede, revealing the ruins of an ancient fortification that soon became known as the Awakened City. The leaders of the four Houses and other prominent figures quickly organized an expedition to explore these ruins and uncover the mysteries they might contain.

Thus, our story begins…

Year One

Silhouette of a fantasy warrior