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Welcome to Awakening! We are a fantasy boffer LARP based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our setting, the realm of Tyvan, features fantasy elements such as magic and alchemy, and kin such as dwarves, elves, goblins, and fae. We invite you to learn more about our world, and to come experience it for yourself!

Players in Awakening take on the roles of various characters in the setting. Much like a participant in a theatrical production or a protagonist in a novel, each character is a distinct fictional entity built out by the player from our core rulebook. The player then decides what motivates his character, and how that character reacts to the world around him. The Plot team and other members of game Staff, conversely, provide the backdrop, the setting, and the monsters and people that populate the world for the character to interact with. At its core, Awakening is a weekend-long collaborative storytelling experience. It's a game about characters who have potential to be heroes or villains, and the players who work together to make an inclusive story for everyone to enjoy.

It's your story, so come tell it!

Building Community

Awakening is meant to be an inclusive, intersectional, financially transparent, player driven LARP with a setting reflecting various cultures during a period of time from roughly the Middle Ages to Renaissance period. Think swords and sorcery from around the world, from any culture you can imagine; and add in the fantasy, folklore, and fiction tropes that surround that period of history. It is important to note that while this game is aesthetically based on a fairly broad span history, any societal inequalities explored in the game would be based on whether you are a Hero or not, or from a certain region or House, or politically powerful, or wealthy; discrimination should never be based on sex, skin color, gender, sexuality, or religious views. The game has various cults, but no gods or religion to speak of and the history and timeline of our setting is not meant to be a true reflection of Actual, Real Life History™. For more info, please visit our rulebook section.

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Playing the Game

Awakening is an independent light-touch boffer LARP with an ongoing plotline. Characters have a number of skills that represent the various ways the character can interact with the setting (such as the ability to cast spells). Characters progress by earning Skill Points which they can use to learn additional skills. Combat between PCs ("PvP") is allowed but not a focus of the game. Characters' ability to learn combat-related skills is capped at a certain point to prevent "power creep" and ensure that new PCs aren't completely overshadowed by more experienced PCs in combat — and have a chance at victory should PC vs PC combat occur.

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Join Us!

If you're looking for more details about our game system, please take a look through our rulebook.

Awakening Rulebook

Once you decide to come to one of our events, you can create a character and register for the event using our online logistics system.

Online Logistics System

Upcoming Events

Start End Name Type Location
Aug 09, 2024 10:00pm Aug 11, 2024 12:00pm Awakening Event Event Camp McIntosh, Indian Springs State Park
Aug 21, 2024 08:00pm Aug 21, 2024 09:00pm Community Forum Social Discord
Sep 20, 2024 10:00pm Sep 22, 2024 12:00pm Awakening Event Event Camp Rutledge, Hard Labor Creek State Park
Oct 02, 2024 08:00pm Oct 02, 2024 09:00pm Community Forum Social Discord
Oct 25, 2024 10:00pm Oct 27, 2024 12:00pm Awakening Event Event Camp Rutledge, Hard Labor Creek State Park
Nov 06, 2024 08:00pm Nov 06, 2024 09:00pm Community Forum Social Discord
Nov 22, 2024 10:00pm Nov 24, 2024 12:00pm Awakening Event Event A. H. Stephens State Park
Dec 04, 2024 08:00pm Dec 04, 2024 09:00pm Awakening Event Social Discord